Hinoki offers a wide selection of sushi and grilled dishes. As our guest, you can sip a glass of wine, while observing our bustling chefs working to give you an unforgettable meal. See also our beverages here
Hinoki - suhsi & grill Lillestrøm - Nye retter

Japanese small dishes that are made to be shared, giving you the opportunity to taste a variety of exciting flavours.

Red miso soup served with tofu, seaweed, spring onion and enoki mushrooms - SO, W, F   75,-
Edamame with sea salt - SO   79,-
Vegetable tempura - W, E, SO, F    109,-
Tempura scampi - W, SF, SO, E, F    155,-
Soft-shell crab with wasabi mayonnaise - W, SF, E    149,-
Hoisin & plum wine glazed pork belly with pickled daikon, pickled butternut squash and chili - W, SO, SE, MU    159,-
Tataki beef with ginger shallot dressing - SO   149,-
Beef gyoza with sweet potato puree and goma-ponzu - SO, SE, W, M, E   159,-
Wagyu, Tuna, Avruga miniburger - 1 pcs - W, E, M, F   129,-
Grilled scallops with green shiso dressing - MO, SO   229,-
Grilled spareribs with Asian barbeque sauce and pickles - W, SO   229,-
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Nigiri 2 pieces - Sashimi 3 slices

Maguro: Tuna - F   95,-
Sake: Salmon - F   79,-
Hirame: Halibut - F   89,-
Hamachi: Yellowtail - F   109,-
Suzuki: Sea bass - F   85,-
Hotate: Scallop - MO   95,-
Ebi: Shrimp - SF   80,-
Ama ebi: Raw shrimp - SF   79,-
Unagi: Marinated eel served hot - F, W, B, SO   109,-

Hinoki's signature variations

Sushi for beginners: - F, SF, W 
Maki - 1 maki roll with tempura scampi
Nigiri - 2 pieces salmon, 2 pieces halibut
and 2 pieces boiled shrimp nigiri (12 bits total)  
Sushi & sashimi mix: - F 
1 maki roll, 3x3 ass. nigiri, (15 bits total) 
Sashimi moriawase: 20 pieces sashimi - F   329,-
Sushi & sashimi mix: - F 
1 maki roll, 5x1 ass.
nigiri and 5x2 ass.
sashimi (21 bits total) 
Sushi for 2: - F 
3x4 types of ass. sashimi
2 maki rolls
5x2 assorted nigiri (34 bits total) 

Specialties from sushi bar

Smoked halibut with soy onion sauce and goji berries - F, SO   179,-
Yellowtail and black caviar and oriental salsa - F, SO, SE   179,-
Salmon with yuzu-pepper oil and wasabi sour cream - F, M   169,-
Tuna in truffle soy sauce - F, SO   185,-
Torched scallops with smoked eel, and yuzukoshō mayo - MO, SO, SE   175,-
Salmon with honey and mango dressing - F   169,-

Hinoki's special nigiri - 2 pieces

Marinated tuna- F, SO   124,-

Gunkan maki - 2 pieces

Ikura: Salmon roe - F   99,-
Tobiko: Flying fish roe- F   99,-

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Maki - 6 pieces

Salmon maki with spring onion - F, SE, SO   115,-
Salmon with apple sauce - F, E, SO   125,-
Scallops and spicy mayonnaise - MO, F, E, SO   125,-
California maki with king crab and avocado cream - SF, MO, E, M, SO   135,-
Salmon with avocado and warm cream cheese - F, M, SE, SO   125,-
Hinoki’s vegetarian maki- SO, SE   105,-
Fried spicy tuna - F, E, W, SE, SO   139,-
Crispy salmon skin and warm cream cheese - F, SE, M, SO   129,-
Unagi, cucumber, teriyaki sauce and tobiko - F, W, SE, SO   129,-
Halibut/hamachi with salsa - F, SO, SE   129,-
Salmon with truffle yuzu - W, F, E, SE, SO   139,-

Tempuramaki - 6 pieces

Hinoki maki with tempura scampi, four types of fish and vegetables - F, SF, E, W, SE   145,-
Soft-shell crab with chili mayonnaise - F, SF, E, W, SE   145,-
Tempura scampi with avocado and flying fish roe - F, W, SF, E   129,-

Hosomaki - 8 pieces

Kappamaki: cucumber, sesame seeds and wasabi - SE   80,-
Tekkamaki: tuna, wasabi - F   100,-

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Robata grill og Sushi

Bentobox #1

- Spicy beef tenderloin  - SE, SO, W
- Tempura scampi  - W, SO, E, SF, F
- Vegetable tempura  - W, E, SO, F
- 3 slices of salmon sashimi  - F
- 2 pieces of nigiri -F
- 3 pieces of maki  - F
- A selection of mixed cress with avocado and chives oil
- Rice


Bentobox #2

- Roasted farm chicken with ginger- and marukomemiso-marinade  - W, SO, SE, B
- Tempura scampi  - W, SO, E, SF, F
- Vegetable tempura  - W, E, SO, F
- 3 slices of salmon sashimi  - F
- 2 pieces of nigiri -F
- 3 pieces of maki  - F
- Signature salad with honey, coconut and mustard dressing
- Rice



Stir-fried egg noodles with beef tenderloin and vegetables in a spicy sauce- SO, E, CEL   179,-
Stir-fried egg noodles with chicken and vegetables in a spicy sauce- SO, E, CEL   179,-
Stir-fried egg noodles with fish, shellfish and vegetables in a spicy sauce - E, F, SF, CEL, M    179,-

Kid's menu

Mini Hinoki from sea or grill - W  139,-

The meat is grilled quickly over an open grill at a high temperature. This cooking method is in keeping with the traditional robatayaki style and efficiently enhances the natural flavors of the ingredients.

Robata grill

Rack of lamb with asparagus, eringi, pickled shimeji and lamb gravy - SO   365,-
Marinated sous vide rack of pork with pork and teriyaki reduction - SO, W    289,-
Spicy beef tenderloin - SF, SO, W   309,-
Fillet of deer, sweet potato, salsify puree and coconut and lime dressing    309,-

Hinoki's specialties

Black Cod - F, W, B, SO   359,-
Roasted farm chicken with ginger and marukome miso marinade - W, B, SO, SE   279,-
Pan fried sea bass with tosazu sauce, shiitake and crispy leeks - W, SO, F   239,-


Signature salad with honey and coconut    109,-
Cress salad with avocado - SO, W, SE    109,-
Spinach salad with truffle and dried miso - M, B, SO   89,-


Roasted sweet potato, yuzu-tofu dressing and roasted nuts - HN, W   79,-

Steambuns - 1 pcs.

Crispy vegetarian- W, E, M   79,-
Fried chicken - W, E, M   89,-
Fried fish - W, E, M, F   89,-
Pork belly - W, O, M    89,-
Beef - W, M    99,-
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take way

We encourage our guests to try our tasting menu. The menu is composed of the finest ingredients, both from land and sea, prepared in the ideal way to retain their individual qualities and flavours. Only the best is good enough for the sharing menu.

Our chefs will ensure that you are comfortable leaving the choice to us. Please let us know if there are foods you particularly like, anything you do not enjoy or if you have any allergies.

To elevate your experience at Hinoki, our chefs and waiters work closely together to match your food with our fine selection of wines. Please ask your waiter for any advice.

The sharing menus vary in price depending on the exclusivity of the ingredients.

Price (per person): 550,- / 700,- / 900,-
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Chocolate ganache with coffee flavor. Served with candied kumquat and milk ice cream - W, M, HN    119,-
Roasted white chocolate with strawberries, yoghurt ice cream and shortbread - W, M   119,-
Passion fruit brûlée with coconut ice cream - E, M   119,-
Ice cream and sorbet, a selection of Hinoki's ice creams and sorbets - M, E   109,-
Dessert for kids (ask the waiter about allergens)   75,-


SE: Sesame
CEL: Celery
M: Milk
MN: Almonds
W: Wheat
B: Barley
MO: Molluscs
SF: Shellfish
MU: Mustard
SU: Sulphite
E: Egg
SO: Soy
F: Fish
LU: Lupine
HN: Hazelnuts
PN: Pine nuts
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